Supporting Women Back to Work

Whether we plan it or not, life happens and very often it pauses career plans. Whether it is to raise a family, to care for a loved one or one’s own self
or even relocate to a new city, people experience a pause in their careers. And when they are ready to pick up where they left off,
​​​​​​​many find the path back daunting and riddled with biases.

This is especially true for women looking to pick up where they left off. Research shows us that maternal bias is the strongest type of bias women face. For example, when a hiring manager knows a female candidate has children, she is 79% less likely to be hired and at a much lower salary. Furthermore, the pandemic triggered the exit of a massive number of women from the workforce. These realities make the need for a ‘back to work’ program especially acute.

Cushman & Wakefield recognizes that careers needn’t be linear and understands the idea that professionals may leave for a time for personal reasons. So, this International Women’s Day, our WIN (Women’s Integrated Network) ERG (Employee Resource Group) has decided to challenge the maternal bias.

Our Back To Work Program is our effort to give parents an opportunity
to re-enter the workforce following an extended career break. Our Program
will provide eligible applicants with access to support and training during
their first 90 Days. We will help you navigate your re-entry into corporate
life and provide you with mentoring circles, access to learning and flexible
work options which will ensure that your second innings are smooth
and enjoyable.

Applications will be open from March 8 to May 31, 2022,
​​​​​​​and then again from July 1 to September 30, 2022.

If you wish to return, the criteria to be eligible for our
Back To Work Program are:

  • A career break of a minimum of 2 years or more
  • Prior to career break, a professional career of atleast 2 years or more
  • A degree would be great, but we are willing to look ​​​​​​​at skills-based experience as well
  • A can-do, will do, have fun attitude would be fantastic!

Join our Back To Work Talent Community

  • Upload your Resume, and our Talent Acquisition Team will be in touch
  • Please remember to indicate your preferred role and working hours
    ​​​​​​​in your Resume

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Returning to Work with A Resume Gap

​​​​​​​If you’re looking to return to work after taking a career break, even a brief one, the process can feel daunting, confusing, and discouraging, especially if you’re navigating the process on your own. In this course, Kelley Biskupiak and Susan Rietano Davey—founders of Prepare to Launch U, a firm focused on work-life transitions—guide you through the steps on the path to reentering the workforce. They cover topics like leveraging your skills and experience, writing your resume and LinkedIn profile, and understanding your motivations for returning to work in order to set you on the right path. Having successfully navigated their own returns to work after career breaks, Kelley and Susan deliver firsthand knowledge that will help you brush up your skills, rebrand yourself post-break, and set yourself up for a successful career return.

Preparing Your Family
for Return

The key to a successful family leave is effective planning. From telling your manager to covering your responsibilities to strategizing a smooth reentry, instructors Susan Rietano Davey and Kelley Biskupiak—both four-time moms and experts at family leave planning—walk you through the steps involved in planning and executing a family leave that fits your personal and professional life. Susan and Kelly cover all the essentials, including how to research your rights and benefits, communicating your leave to the right people at the right times, creating a work coverage plan, evaluating and prioritizing your life demands, and ensuring your smooth return to work. They also share real-world examples and offer tip sheets and templates to keep you organized.

Negotiating Your Flexibility

What if you could be there more for your family, exercise outside in the daylight, prioritize important things that aren’t doable after hours, and choose how often you come into your office? Having work flexibility means that you have a say in how—and where—you get your work done. As part of a strategic business plan, work flexibility can actually help save a company money. So, how do you negotiate this win-win scenario at your current job? In this course, learn how to create and prepare to pitch a work-flexibility proposal to your boss or HR department. Find out how to build a compelling argument by identifying common work flex options, selecting the right type for your role, and conveying business benefits. Discover how to compare your needs with company policy and earn yourself a trial period.