We provide some of the best global opportunities to our professional employees. How big and how great they become is up to you. That’s the beauty of being the third largest commercial real estate company -  there’s room to move, to grow, to be dynamic and most importantly, to be yourself.

Whether an advisor, valuer, project manager, analyst or any other professional role, you’re in a culture where great things can happen, which create some amazing stories.



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Alison Beddard
As a Managing Principal for Washington operations, Alison Beddard is not only making thing happen for our clients across the state, but also helping women succeed in commercial real estate around the word. Through her leadership with CREW Network and with our Womens Integrated Network, Alison in building a more inclusive industry. 
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Nicole Dallas
Nicole is making the next generation excited about a career in engineering. This is important in a growing sector in which globally women only make up 16%. As one of our fierce female role models, Nicole leads bt example brining innovative thinking to our gobal occupier clients whilst also being a volunteer firefighter, helping make her community safer.
Kerri Roche
For International Women's Day, Director of Operations Kerri Roche gave her perspective on working in a male-dominated industry.  Learn how she sees that "balance for better" is making our company and our industry a better place. 
Ken Stack
Ken used his corporate engineering  background  to create a smoother system for delivering client service from the point of sale to execution of facilities services ranging from janitorial, maintenance, critical environments, landscaping, and mailroom services.