Post-Military Careers in Commercial Real Estate These are more than just jobs. They are opportunities to grow your future, expand your expertise, and be part of a team that is redefining an industry. 

Popular Post-Military Career Paths

Engineering & Facilities
Oversee, monitor and manage mission critical systems in facilities large and small. Commercial properties, clients and visitors rely on you to keep things running efficiently and effectively.  You are the skilled technical expert.   
Building Operations

Work with clients, occupiers and property owners to ensure that operations run smoothly, and that all parties are satisfied at all times. High sense of urgency and attention to detail are necessary in this area of work. 
Account Management
This industry relies on team players who can analyze data, engage people and move at the speed of business. These are roles that support operational functions with different skills-valuation, research, investments and brokerage. 

From HR and Recruiting to Accounting and Reception - it takes an amazing team of professionals to keep a world-class business moving in the direction of positive change. These are skilled and dedicated team members.  
​​​​​​​"We're building and leading world-class and game-changing programs with great effect.  Military and Veteran talent is not a "nice to have". These men and women represent some of the best talent in the world and are imperative to our operations."
Matt Disher
Military and Veteran Recruiting Program Leader
Chairman, Veterans ERG
“I am proud to spearhead a program that will empower veterans, one that will emphasize career development over short-term employment. These are high achievers who are accustomed to working under pressure and thrive in a team environment–Cushman & Wakefield will benefit greatly from this initiative and I believe that the veterans we hire will as well.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Bruce Mosler
Chairman, Global Brokerage and Chairman, Veterans Initiative Programs

Partner Organizations 

Veterans at Cushman & Wakefield will find challenging and rewarding work directly related to their skills and talents. Just as important, they will find a camaraderie among the brothers and sisters, peers and leaders who support their distinct needs as well as a culture that honors and respects their contributions in the military and in our organization. Veterans hold positions throughout our organization, from the highest echelon to the newest team member.