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Be at the leading edge of  the training and technology that set our cleaners apart.
ABOUT JANTIORIAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Thousands of C&W Services employees work every day to make their clients’ offices, schoolrooms, stadiums and other venues clean and pleasing to be in. It’s an important job, and we’re committed to supporting our colleagues who clean with cutting edge technology; training that focuses on safe and efficient ways to work; opportunities for advancement; and a culture where their voice counts. 
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A Vital Role

C&W Services cleaning and grounds keeping roles are vital for the aesthetic value of the facilities and properties we manage.  Our efficient, high quality cleaning programs are tailored to the needs of each facility, from offices and laboratories to plants, stadiums and airports. Our teams seek to build career paths, not just provide jobs. We offer cleaning  job opportunities in the following fields:  Janitorial management positions, Janitorial, Day and Night Porter, Ground Keeper, Custodian Recycling Technician, and Floor Technician.

Ruben & Brenda: A Focus on Safety

Ruben and Brenda manage a large janitorial team in Boston.  Together, they have fostered a culture of safety and accountability at the site, one that has resulted in a truly impressive accomplishment: 1300 days and counting without an accident.

Celebrating Our People


Kathy and Bronislawa

Kathy and Bronislawa are the face of C&W Services at a major corporate headquarters.  Their attention to detail helps maintain a world-class image at the beautiful new offices.


Myrima started as a custodian at Gillette Stadium, and worked he way up to a management position - a fast-paced job where she uses her people skills to succeed.

Jose and Wilfredo

For some people, lending an empathetic hand is just second nature. That’s the case for Jose and Wilfredo, who recently helped their colleague on a client’s security team help a stranger in need.
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“ Kathy is the perfect example of not just what we do, but how we do it in a way that makes the customers’ experiences great. 
John Santora testimonial at Cushman and Wakefield
Kathy Cleaner at a Global Corporate Headquarters
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“ Every day my goal is to make sure our employees complete cleaning tasks better, more efficiently, and as safely as possible. 
Lisa Pittman testimonial at Cushman and Wakefield
Connie Arana Janitorial Services Solutions Manager
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“ Our focus on networking, philanthropy and continuing education makes us truly unique. 
Wanda Riley testimonial at Cushman and Wakefield
Christine Colley Senior Director


PROFESSIONAL Our people are the heart of our organization and we celebrate them every day through stories about their service, commitment, and professionalism. 
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SKILLED TRADES We continually explore and seek out new ideas and methods that will improve the value of what we do. And we encourage innovation from all parts of the organization.
GUIDING PRINCIPLES  Eight Guiding Principles define our commitment to safety, our employees, our clients, innovation, inclusiveness, and more.



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